Well, I am trying again to start a blog.

Basically, I want a blog to express myself. I want to have a place where I can post my opinions, and not have to pull my punches for fear of offending whoever it is that is running the blog. My posting experiences have been varied, but, in many cases, I feel that I was pretty much kicked off the site for the simple crime of disagreeing with either the blogger, or one of his “pets,” or simply didn’t conform to the crowd enough. I don’t do a lot of ad hominem stuff. Nor do hold grudges and the like. On the other hand, I guess I am somewhat eccentric and idiosyncratic in my views. Pretty much, I am a left-liberal, but I also hold some Federalist and some libertarian views and am not at all on board with the gynocentric feminist agenda. On foreign policy, I am a circa 1975 liberal, which means no interventions except according to the UN Charter.

Not sure what will be the focus of posting here. Mostly the standard politics, current affairs stuff, with a little more history and law than is perhaps typical.

On commenting, I hope to be open and liberal. But I make no promises. I am not going to elaborate a bunch of rules, because, in my experience, the rules are not enforced against favored posters but are against disfavored ones. And, in most cases, the rules tend to have catch all provisions like “don’t be a jerk” which, when things get heated, can be enforced against anyone but are in fact enforced only against, once again, disfavored commenters. I really don’t care if you are jerk. Or if you disagree with me. What I want from comments is a chance to hone my arguments. I welcome facts that I have overlooked, or arguments I have not accounted for. What I don’t want is off topic stuff. Particularly folks with pet peeves, who want to bring every discussion around to that pet peeve. Nor do I want folks who, after they have presented an argument, feel compelled to present it again. For example, if I argue A, and you come back with B, and then I counter argue C, I do not want you to merely repeat B. If you have no counter, counter argument D, that is fine. Don’t feel like you have to have the last word, because, mostly, I probably won’t give it to you anyway. I may summarize your overall argument and my counter claims, and leave it at that, and strike out anything further you have to say. Don’t like any of the preceding? Well, as I have been told many times: Too Bad and There’s the Door! This is my blog and I am in charge. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to post here, and are free to set up your own WordPress or other blog, where you can say whatever you want, or find some other place to comment on the internet.


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